Psychotria viridis (Chacruna) USDA certified FRESH leaf

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Chacruna directly from the farmer to you!
Aloha and thank you for choosing Maui Green Ayahuasca Farmers Cooperative
Our Psychotria viridis is grown in ultra-rich Maui, Hawaii rainforest soil (organically, of course). 
We hand harvest the leaves, wash and dry them, and then have them inspected by the USDA for pest free certification.
The leaves are left fresh, not dried, so that you may propagate this beautiful plant for yourself. For you to receive the leaves as fresh as possible we will harvest the leaf for each order, so please allow several days for the package to be shipped. We harvest either at dawn or dusk for a peak phytochemical profile😉
Mahalo for considering us for your purchase of this sacred medicine plant!